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Bathroom setups are not only supposed to be convenient. They also need to be safe. This is especially true when it comes to having some members of the house who are handicapped or are more vulnerable to falls and balance accidents, such as elderly or small children.

The safety of bathrooms is pivotal to the quality of life of individuals with disabilities. Recent grab bar installations in Tampa, Florida, have changed the lives of individuals experiencing motility issues and have made it easier for their families to regain peace of mind amidst the massive changes they have to face.

When home accidents occur because of the absence of grab bars, the results are often more devastating compared to investing in strong grab bars that can ensure the family’s safety when using the bathroom or other areas in the house where grab bra installation can be helpful.

Bathroom Grab Bars could appear as design addition to our bathroom’s ambiance

How Much are Grab Bar Installation Projects in Tampa, Florida?

With the term “investment” in place, you might wonder how much grab bar installation projects cost. The truth is grab bar installation costs depend on three factors:

The Three Cost Factors for Grab Bar installations :

  1. Target Space for Grab Bars

Often, the target space for grab bar installation determines the length and shape of the bar. Professional grab bar installation services often start the project with an inspection. Usually, the family decides on the matter by looking at a few photos of available grab bars in the company’s inventory or resources. Measuring the space will determine how long and in what position the grab bar would be best installed.

The height of the family members using the safety grab bars will also determine the height at which the safety bar will be installed.

  1. Material and Makeup of Grab Bar

Would you like to use stainless steel bathroom grab bar? or would it be more economical to choose a plastic one? Other families use a high-density polymer to add texture to the grab bar and make it easier to grip. This is especially true when the bar is placed beside the rim of a bathtub.

The chosen material and makeup of your grab bar will determine a huge deal on the cost of expenses you must prepare for the installation project. The majority of the customers who want to have grab bars installed in the shower or the bathtub choose stainless steel because they are long-lasting. They may be expensive, but their long-term lifespan seals the deal.

  1. The Lifespan of Grab Bar for Installation

As mentioned in the previous section, the chosen grab bar material’s lifespan will affect the installation services’ cost. For instance, if you install grab bars made of stainless steel, you may have to pay more upfront, but it is an investment for more than ten years. On the other hand, plastic safety grab bars may seem much less expensive but have a shorter life. You will need to replace it between three to five years. The same thing is true for high-density polymers.

The inspection and other services are often included in the project service fee. Nonetheless, the actual grab bar length, material, and lifespan will determine how much your overall grab bar installation project will be.

Have a grab bar specialist inspect the space and get the bar that fits the design of your bathroom

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