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Health and safety are critical factors of daily survival, especially for those with disabilities or physical limitations brought on by some health conditions. Installing grab bars at home or in commercial areas where they usually visit helps deal with these physical limitations. Grab bars are designed as assistive mechanisms installed at home or in commercial properties.

Commercial Grab Bars

Often, safety grab bars are required to be installed by specialists in commercial spaces. Plans for renovations to install grab bars are often presented for approval to make a commercial space friendly and functional for disabled individuals.

Residential Grab Bars

For residential areas, grip bars are not usually part of the original plans except when a family member already has a compromised physical condition as the space is being built. Often, customers who look for grab bar installation services already have existing spaces that need to be adjusted because of the sudden changes in the situation of members living in the area. From accidents to old age balance issues, these considerations are often why family homes in Tampa call for grab bar installation services.

From bathrooms to all the other parts of the house, grab bars can be installed for safery mobility reasons

So, why might you consider having a grab bar installed at home or shur grip grab bars installed in your bathrooms?

Three Reasons to Choose Simply Grab Bars as Your Installation Specialists

Home accidents occur, especially among individuals who are experiencing physical problems. This is why regular grab or shur grip grab bar installations are considered important options for homes that need to cater to individuals with disabilities in Tampa, Florida. Here are three of the top reasons customers of recent grab bar installations decide to find a specialist to do the job:

  1. Safer mobility for individuals with physical limitations at home Even with a disability, it is a requirement for everyone to be mobile. This could be helped when a decision to install grab bars is considered. Most homes with safety grab bars reported lower cases of sudden home accidents.
  2. Avoiding home accidents from happening Grab bars can give instant balance support for people having difficulty doing so independently. In a setup where a bathtub is available, a shur grip grab bar can help the individual carefully set himself in the tub and get up without hurting himself. The same thing could be said about shower bars. Wet shower floors and tubs are dangerous, especially for handicapped individuals. Grab bars can lessen the possibility of accidents in these settings.  
Safe usage of the bathroom should not be a mere dream for the physically compromised anymore

Effective Quality-of-Life assistance for the elderly and the handicapped

It helps the handicapped and the elderly or other disabled individuals to know that they can still go around the house safely. With grab bars installed at home, their quality of life will surely improve.

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Pick from a wide selection of tub and shower grab bars. Look through a few photos of different grab bars we have installed in bathroom settings and other parts of the house and have your home secured from accidents today. Talk with our dealer today and make the best decision for your family and home.


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