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Simply Grab Bars is thrilled to serve Ocala and The Villages and surrounding areas. Slip and falls are the major cause of most injuries over the age of 65. Although, stability grab bars help prevent slip and falls for your entire family in all areas of your home and, are an inexpensive add to your beautiful home. Although grab bars are very helpful for those aging in place, along with people who have limited abilities; grab bars are for all ages and all abilities. We are keeping safety simple for all and recommend you “install before you fall”.

The most common area for slip and falls in the home is in your bathroom. We take pride in providing careful placement, congenial consulting and professional installation with each of our customers. Simply Grab Bars works directly with physical therapist, occupational therapists and home health agencies to better serve your community. When we arrive at your home, we provide a professional assessment, offer recommended placement, and arrive prepared for same day installation.

Thank you for considering Simply Grab Bars for your professional stability grab bar installation. We look forward to providing you and your family exceptional service. Peace of mind is just a phone call away. Call 352-619-4866 to speak with one of our helpful associates.

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Our Process

Simply Grab Bars provides assessments for your individual circumstance, offering recommendations and day-of installation.

1. Initiate

Call or complete contact form and we will briefly discuss your interest and general needs. We set your appointment for the next available slot for your area and at your convenience.

2. Assessment

Installer conducts discovery session and offers full recommendation and assessment for your individual needs. We understand the adults and young children in your household, are all part of your consideration.

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3. Installation

On the day of your appointment your Simply Grab Bar installer arrives prepared with full current inventory, ready to install, at time of your appointment. If you prefer a “special order” item, please contact us ahead of time so we may have it available at time of appointment.

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We have pricing to work with every budget. Your safety is first. Communicate your needs. We arrive with a broad selection of grab bars with multiple finishes if you would like to match your fixtures. We are prepared to install at time of your appointment.

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