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Safety Grab Bar Installers in Tampa, FL – Your Trusted Partner for Stability and Accessibility

When it’s about safety, compromise isn’t an option. At Simply Grab Bars, we share this belief. Specializing in safety grab bar installation in Tampa, FL, and beyond, we are committed to making homes safer and lives more independent. 

Unparalleled Expertise in Grab Bar Installation

Our focus on safety support bar installation sets us apart. This specialization equips us with a unique skill set, making us the best in the business. Be it a bathroom, a shower, or a tub that needs a firm grip, we’ve got the right solution for you. 

Our experience is as robust as our expertise. With thousands of successful installations across Florida and the surrounding areas, we’ve turned homes into secure havens, one support bar at a time. You can trust us to bring this expertise to your home, enhancing its safety and peace of mind.

Trustworthy and Locally Rooted Service

We aren’t just service providers but integral members of the community we serve. As such, your safety is our prime concern. We approach each project, each home, and each customer as a neighbor, a friend, and a part of our extended family.

Customized Solutions for Your Safety Needs

We realize that every home, every individual has unique needs. That’s why we tailor our solutions to fit your specific requirements. Our dedicated team will assess your home’s layout, understand your needs, and recommend the best support bar solutions.

We proudly offer top-quality Harney grab bars, a brand synonymous with durability and style. With an array of options, we ensure you find a product that matches your home’s aesthetics without compromising safety.

Bridging Accessibility Gaps

Our mission goes beyond installing a support bar; we aim to make homes more accessible for all. If you’re a senior, an individual with mobility challenges, or want to make your home safer, we’re here to help.

While our base is in FL, we provide professional services across the county, ensuring no one is left without a firm, safe grip.

Quality Installation Services

At Simply Grab Bars, quality is our benchmark. That’s why we employ only trained, experienced technicians to install support bars in your home. Our team ensures a hassle-free, seamless process from the initial assessment to the final installation.

We also offer a free estimate for our services. Contact us, and we’ll provide a detailed quote that covers all aspects of the installation transparently and upfront.

Ready for a Safer Home?

Making homes safer is what we do best. Contact the top safety support bar installers in FL, and discuss how we can make your home a haven. Trust Simply Grab Bars to bring safety within your reach. Contact us and get your free estimate today!

Safety Grab Bars: Your Allies in Safety and Independence

In our homes, every step should be safe and confident. Unfortunately, the risk of falls and accidents is alarming, particularly for seniors and individuals with mobility issues. This is where safety support bars come in – they offer a firm grip to hold on to, a pillar of support that can make movement in the home safer and more accessible.

Preventing Accidents

Bathrooms, with their slippery surfaces, are among the highest risk areas for falls at home. A slip in the shower or difficulty getting out of the tub could lead to severe injuries. Here, the support bar plays an essential role. Installed strategically in showers, tubs, or near toilets, they provide the necessary support to navigate these areas safely, significantly reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Enhancing Independence

For seniors and individuals with mobility issues, everyday tasks can be challenging. Grabbing bars can help provide support while standing, sitting, or moving about and boosts self-reliance, allowing individuals to undertake daily tasks independently. 

Promoting Confidence

Knowing there’s something to hold onto provides a sense of security. Whether moving around the bathroom, getting up from the toilet, or stepping in and out of the tub, the confidence that comes from having a support bar installed is invaluable. 

Post-Surgery or Injury Recovery

Grab bars can assist those recovering from surgery or an injury. They provide the necessary support to maintain balance, prevent falls, and aid overall mobility during recovery.


Safety support bars aren’t just for bathrooms. They can be installed anywhere in the home where extra support is needed, such as hallways or staircases, amplifying safety.

At Simply Grab Bars, we believe that safety should never be compromised. With our high-quality grab bars and professional installation services, we seek to turn homes in FL, into safe havens. We’re just a call away if you’re considering making your home safer. Let us help you embrace safety and maintain independence with confidence.

Anchoring Safety: Frequently Asked Questions about Grab Bar Installation in Tampa, FL

1. Why should I choose Simply Grab Bars for grab bar installations in Tampa, FL?

Simply Grab Bars provide professional and reliable grab bar installation services. Our commitment to “Keeping Safety Simple” makes us the preferred choice for FL residents looking to enhance their home’s safety.

2. What types of grab bars do you install?

We provide a wide range of Moen grab bars, recognized for their quality and durability. From straight and angular grab bars to flip-up and designer ones, we have a solution for every need and aesthetic preference.

3. I need clarification on which type of grab bar is right for my home. Can you help?

Absolutely! Our experienced team will assess your home and understand your needs to recommend the best grab bar for you. 

4. Is it possible to install grab bars in other areas of my home besides the bathroom?

Grab bars can be installed anywhere extra support is needed, such as hallways or staircases. We can customize the installation as per your safety needs.

5. How quickly can I expect the grab bars to be installed?

Once we’ve conducted an assessment during our scheduled visit, our technicians are prepared to install your safety grab bars on the spot. If you require a particular order item, let us know so we can bring it to your appointment. 


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