Tips for Selecting a Professional Safety Grab Bar Installer in Tampa FL

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Safety Grab Bars are designed to make residences and commercial spaces safer for vulnerable individuals who may have physical limitations or are handicapped.

While grab bars are easy to install with a few rivets and screwdrivers, there is more to safety grab bar installation than meets the eye. Simply Grab Bars is here to help you make the right decision.

TIP 1: Get your service provider to tell you why you need to add Safety Grab Bars at home

Some specifications must be considered when grab bar installations are to be accomplished. This is especially true in commercial spaces because there is a consistent flow of traffic in the area. The safety of those who want to go around these areas is a critical concern that has some legal impact on the overall operation of the structure.

Some legal factors only partially determine the safety requirement in residential areas. Nonetheless, it is as vital as the rules imposed in commercial spaces, highlighting the safety and mobility of those with some physical limitations. Some code-compliant rules need to be recognized when installing home safety grab bars.

TIP 2: Have your service provider prove that your choice to hire Safety Grab Bar Installer is better than a DIY

Instead of installing the safety grab bars yourself, it would be more helpful to get the help of professionals to complete the project. Expert advice does a lot to help you go through the project, as legal building codes are recognized and applied accordingly.

Every house and every family has a particular situation to address. This is especially true when deciding on installing grab bars. Depending on every patient’s case, physical therapists often have suggestions, especially when it comes to noting how bars in the bathroom or the shower should be placed according to the needs of the individual being assisted for mobility and recovery.

Getting the suggestions of the physical therapists in the process of grab bar installation projects will undoubtedly help address the patient’s specific needs. From the proper placement of handheld showers to installing bathroom grab bars, the experience of the experts will help keep safety as the priority of the project.

TIP 3: Remember to Keep Safety Simple

Grab bar installation projects need not be stressful, especially when professional installation services are readily accessible.

Simply Grab Bar provides assessment services to meet your unique requirements, giving advice and installation on-site. The first step to the grab bar installation services offered by Simply Grab bars is the inspection of the area where the safety bar is to be installed.

Here are the processes that Simply Grab Bar follows to make sure your grab bar installation works:

Inspection of area for installation

For a safer home, it is best to check where the grab bar will be installed. This will help determine the height of the grab bar, what material will be used, and how long it will be.

There are specific requirements when a grab bar is installed in bathrooms, tubs, and showers. Since the goal is to provide individuals with the independence to remain mobile amidst their physical limitations, the individuals who will use the grab bars should be the priority in the planning process.

Determining best access locations

It is crucial that during the inspection process, the height of the patient or the ones who would be using the grab bars; and the locations in the house where they stay the most be included in the assessment as to where the safety grab bars are to be installed.

The best solution to installing adequate support for patients with mobility issues is to have them stand and test the location and height of the grab bar before it is installed.

Some grab bars are attached through the ceiling as a primary pole for the setup. This helps make it easier for the patient to move from one point towards another without losing grip of the safety guide bar.

Installation of the safety grab bar

During the installation of the grab bar, customers often give their approval of the project depending on the inspection results in terms of the convenience that the installed safety bars would offer the affected individuals and the whole family.

Whether you like your safety grab bar in the bathtub, the bathroom, or the shower, it is always more efficient to have a professional service on hand to help you complete the project.

Quality check and finalization of turnover

Before the installed safety grab bar is considered complete and is finally turned over to the customers for daily use, everything undergoes a quality check.

Whether it is a new installation project or you want to replace an old safety grab bar, you ought to get the best safety solutions to make your home a place for independence, even among immobile family members.

How Much do Grab Bar Installations Cost?

Whether you want to put handheld showers or bathroom bars to make your shower safer, professional installation services in Florida are ready to give you the service you need.

With several experiences with clients who ask for help finding the right solution to help individuals who experience mobility limitations at home and avoid fall cases, we ensure that every project is accomplished according to every client’s specifications. 

The price of grab bar installations in Florida ranges from 200 USD to 500 USD depending on the condition of the location where the grab bar is to be installed.

Whether the project is for seniors or others with mobility issues, the goal is to reduce the risk of developing complicated health conditions because of accidental falls.

Get Free Estimation on Your Safety Grab Bar Installation Project in Tampa, FL, Today

To prevent fall cases at home and keep your living area safe, you can get free project estimation from Simply Grab Bars’ professional installation services.

A professional installer helps create a project to determine the proper positioning to help prevent falls.

Contact us over the phone today, and we will be more than ready to help you with your request and help you reduce the risk of falls at home. We will be more than prepared to assist you and arrange an appointment for an in-house inspection today.

With the help of a professional team of safety grab bar installers, you can undoubtedly get strategically defined decisions that can give you a better option for improving how rails work at home for the safety of everyone.

Simply Grab Bars puts the customer first all the time. The company’s business depends on the fact that every customer’s request should be recognized with full respect to their concerns, including their budget.

We will be more than glad to wait for your phone call today.


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