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Grab bars are not only for the aging or people with disabilities. Everyone will benefit by installing grab bars in their home. Grab bars are the most critical safety item found in the home.

who we are

Keeping Safety Simple
throughout the State of Florida

Your safety is our concern. We are dedicated to providing and recommending the proper placement of all grab bars installed. We work side by side with home health care agencies and providers of occupational and physical therapy.

Simply put, we put your safety first.

Simply Grab Bars offers all your grab bar safety and installation needs. A phone call that can last less than ten minutes will save you hours of searching for your trusted grab bar installation. Based in Tampa, Florida, we offer professional installations services throughout Central Florida and coastal areas. Please call for details and installation schedule for your specific area.

Mission Statement

Keeping safety simple, providing gained independence one bar at a time.

Our Mission

Fortunately, falls are a public problem that is largely preventable. Simply Grab Bars is committed to bringing safety to your home, inside and out. We most commonly install grab bars in the shower and water closet areas. Safety is not limited to just these areas. In one case, we actually installed a grab bar on a ceiling for a paraplegic who was accustomed to using a pully system to get on and off his commode in his Canada home. He did not want to replicate that system and was looking for a new solution. He is very happy with his new grab bar solution. If it is feasible and offers additional safety, we will accommodate.

Entry and exit areas to lanais, garages and home entries are overlooked for grab bar placement. With each customer, we offer our full assessment and recommendations for placement, based on your individual circumstance. Aging in place, safety for young children, and basic safety protocol are all taken into consideration.

why choose us

What makes us different?

We offer personal and individualized service.
We ensure the highest level of satisfaction through our quality
workmanship, top rated products and excellent customer service.
We treat each customer like they are our only customer.
We specialize in only grab bar installation.
We are an authorized Moen reseller.
We offer a limited lifetime guarantee on our products and services.
We specialize in offering solutions throughout the home, not only
the bathroom area.
We offer assessment and recommendations for placement and the
rest is up to you.

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We have pricing to work with every budget. Your safety is first. Communicate your needs. We arrive with a broad selection of grab bars with multiple finishes if you would like to match your fixtures. We are prepared to install at time of your appointment.

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